Kraków Folk Show

Kraków Folk Show

Tradycyja Restaurant, rket Square 15, Kraków

24 January 2021

Tradycyja Restaurant
Main Market Square 15, Kraków

Restauracja Tradycyja

Tradycyja Restaurant

Tradycyja Restaurant is located in historic interiors of the Pinocińska Tenement, which name derives from one of its greatest owners – born in Italy – Hieronim Pinocci. His contribution into Polish tradition and culture has become an inspiration to combine two trends of culinary art. The flavours of Poland and Italian traditions complement one another splendidly. Polish and Italian profile of Tradycyja was determined by the history of this place, however our restaurant came into being as a tribute to love and respect for indigenous culture and traditional cuisine we proudly cherish here

Wierzynek Restaurant is famous for its excellent cuisine, unique atmosphere and the longest tradition of feasting in Poland. It is a magical place – impossible to miss, when visiting the Main Market Square in Krakow.


LajkFolk Group

‘LajkFolk Group’ consist of young and talented artists devoted to polish folk traditions: Krzysztof Szwajdych (clarinet), Piotrek Piętak (accordion), Paweł Sztaba (double bass), Wojtek Daniel (dance), Anna Nowak (dance), Anna Stec (singing). Those professional musicians earned their experience while travelling across many countries, and performing for people for all over the world.


Old Polish welcoming with a bread, salt and a traditional bread-based drink – kvass. Peasant’s dripping with savory and fried onion served with rye farmhouse bread on natural leaven. Starter: set polish dumplings.

Show – part I

1. “Krakowianka”
2. “Krakowiak”
3. “Płynie z Krakowa”
4. “Heca Kieca”
5. “Oj, świeci miesiąc”
6. Kujawiak
7. Oberek
8. “Ja do Lasu”
9. Walczyk “Siadła Pszczólka

Break I – Hot starter and soup*

Old polish sour soup with quail egg or beetroot soup with sour cream and potatoes, a set of Polish dumplings.

Show – part II

1. Polka “Dziadek”
2. Polka “Starej Babie”
3. “Idzie Dysc”
4. Wiązanka Góralska:
a. W murowanej piwnicy
b. Hej bystra woda
c. Orawa
d. Góralu czy Ci nie żal
e. Sarna
5. “Spirytus”
6. “Szła dzieweczka” (do laseczka…)

Break II – Main course and additions*

Polish hunters-stew (Bigos) served in bread-bowl and roasted white sausage in horseradish sauce and traditional pork chop in hunters sauce. Extras: dumplings in butter gravy, Kraków style potatoes, country-style fried beetroots, pickled cucumbers.

Show – part III

1. Polonez
2. “Hej, od Krakowa jadę!”
3. Mazur
4. Hejnał
5. Wiązanka krakowska
a. “Krakowiaczek Ci ja”
b. “Hej, na krakowskim rynku!”
c. “Na Wawel, na Wawel”
d. “Abośmy to jacy tacy”
e. “Lajkonik”
6. “Chusteczka”
7. “Krakowiak”
8. “Od Rzeszowa (Bednarz)”

The Good Ending

Tasting of Sweet Specialities of Wierzynek’s Pastry Chef (honey cakes, apple pies, cheese cakes, pope’s cakes, poppy-seed cakes). With our invitation (leaflet) vodka-tasting for free.