Chopin Concert Paweł Wróbel

Chopin Concert Paweł Wróbel

Legendary Wierzynek, łówny 15, Kraków

24 January 2021

Legendary Wierzynek
Rynek Główny 15, Kraków

Restaurant Wierzynek (3)

Legendary Wierzynek

Wierzynek Restaurant is inspired by the splendid feast hosted by Mikolai Wierzynek in 1364, which was attended by great European monarchs. Today our mission is to give the same royal welcome to every single guest of our Restaurant as Mikolai Wierzynek did 650 years ago. We treat Noble prize winners and Oscar winners the same as we treat Presidents and Royalty. We will treat you in the same exceptional way- as every Guest is for us the most important one!
Wierzynek Restaurant is located in the heart of Krakow on the biggest medieval market in Europe. Therefore our Guest can dine to the sound of horses’ hooves clacking on the pavement while enjoying a fantastic view of the Cloth Hall and St. Mary’s Basilica.
The exceptional atmosphere of the Wierzynek Restaurant is created by its opulent historic interiors. Each of every nine rooms has its own unique décor. Old suits of armour adorn the historic walls of the Knight’s Room, ornamental frescos captivate Guests of the two Pompeian Rooms and modern, surreal paintings by Rafal Olbinski and Tomasz Setowski contrast with the ancient clocks and tile stoves of the Clock Room and the Chamber of Imagination .
This particular combination of tradition and modernity is reflected also in the menu of the Wierzynek Restaurant. Our chefs prepare dishes according to their own recipes which are inspired by traditional polish courtly cuisine.The 19th century author of “The physiology of taste” Brillat-Savarin wrote that discovery of a new taste contributes to the happiness of humankind more than the discovery of a new star. Therefore we are in continuous pursuit of new recipies and we enrichour traditional Old Polish dishes with European influences spicing them up with modern taste.


F. Chopin
Nocturne C sharp minor op. 27
L. van Beethoven
Sonata A flat major op. 110
F. Chopin
Polonaise A flat major op. 53
Scherzo B minor op. 20
Etudes op. 25 (selection of three)


J.S. Bach
Aria BWV 721
F. Chopin
Wariations Hexameron
Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise E flat major op. 22